Not Me Monday: Date Night edition

Yesterday afternoon, Darling Husband and I went on a Date Night. Well, a Date Afternoon/Prevening.

Because that’s what you do when you have a cranky teething/sick 11-month-old and you feel too guilty between away from him at bedtime (and fear no one will want to babysit again if they are subjected to putting a cranky teething/sick baby to bed without the comfort of his Maamaaaaaaa).


  • I did not mostly agree to see “Fast Five: The IMAX Experience” because I wanted to feel like a cool wife.
  • We did not show up for the 3:40 show at 2:20. No, we would never be that lame.
  • I did not balk when our total for two movie tickets, and one large popcorn combo was $58. For two tickets and ONE popcorn combo! That’s a steal of a deal, isn’t it?
  • After the ticket-taker told us to go down the hall and line up in the IMAX line, I did not seek out an employee and politely (but insistently) ask where the line was. I would never be SO CONCERNED about being the FIRST in line that I panicked at the idea of losing our key spot as “first-arrived patrons.”
  • After seeing someone set up the IMAX line, I did not make a beeline for it to secure my spot at the front of the line. No, I just casually meandered over, not caring if other people make it there first.
  • When Darling Husband saw people walking straight into the theatre, I get not get all uppity and insist he “go check” to be sure they were actually getting in, before giving up my sacred first-in-line spot.
  • When he confirmed that yes, we could just go straight in, I did not think ill thoughts of the employee who took advantage of my rule-following nature and told me to line up.
  • I didn’t care that lining-up-when-there-was-no-need had made me lose my coveted Ideal Movie Theatre Spot (dead centre, 3/4 of the way back). I didn’t mind that I had to settle for not-quite-dead-centre. Because, you know, I’m flexible.
  • I was cool and collected when a dude and his four friends SAT RIGHT NEXT TO ME, even though the theatre was mostly empty. I calmly reasoned that of course they should want to sit close to the Ideal Movie Theatre spot. Who cared that there were now people directly in front of me, behind me, and next to me? Not me!
  • When the dude hogged the entire armrest a minute later, I just chuckled lightly. I certainly did not shoot dagger eyes at Darling Husband, mouth “WHO DOES THAT???” and “I FEEL CLAUSTROPHOBIC!” and insist he trade seats with me.
  • Once happily settled in Darling Husband’s seat, I did not spread out my coat and purse on the empty seat next to me and prepare to shoot death stares at anyone who tried to sit directly next to me again. Nah, the more, the merrier!
Oh, right … then there was a movie or something.

So what do you think?

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