How to health-ify (is that a word?) chicken and rice soup for your baby

Weirdest post title I have ever written? Probably. But I invented a way to make canned Campbell’s Chicken and Rice soup an even more AWESOME food for Baby Boy, and damnit, you’re going to hear about it!
1. Simmer soup. Ooh, ground-breaking, I know!

2. Here comes the trickery! I thawed some frozen chicken discs and some frozen carrot cubes.

3. I added the extra chicken to the soup for extra protein-y goodness.

4. I divided the carrot puree between two bowls.

5. I strained the soup-juice (er, broth) into another pot …

… so that it was easier to just get the “guts” (er, ingredients) into bowls.

6. See? Soup guts in bowls!

Here’s how it looks stirred with the carrot puree.

7. Add some broth back in, and HOLLA — done!

It makes the soup orange-y instead of yellow-y.
I was possibly on crack when I decided this would be an interesting post. I’m sorry.

Oh! And see?! I froze the leftover soup for Baby Boy.
Yes, that’s something valuable.
Again … sorry.

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  1. Don't apologize… I loved this post lol! I will be making baby food soon enough and this is great.

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