Our baby in review: His Tenth Month

Baby Boy is 10 ten 10 months old.

The former copy editor in me is struggling with using the “right” way to write 10 (10) and the more “accepted” way to write 10 (ten). 

Either way, he is 10 months old, as of yesterday. In a lot of ways, he has grown up the most in this last month. He has gone from a crawling, toothless baby who occasionally made little shrieks to a walking, yapping baby — Da! Da! Da! Blah! Ffffff! — who has the very beginnings of a shiny white tooth.

Vital stats: Between his nine-month appointment and a separate study-related hospital trip, Baby Boy clocked in at 21 lbs at nine months (and 28 inches long) — 50% percentile for both. Everyone — including us — insists he must be heavier than that. He feels like a tank in your arms. But he’s probably still around 21 lbs, maybe 22. Just a very … solid … 21.

Milestones: Walking! Baby Boy took his first totally unassisted steps at about 9 1/2 months. He started just going two or three steps between furniture, but now he’s done up to 12 steps (yeah, 12) before falling. It’s the cutest thing ever to see him pick up his chubby little legs, stick out his big fluffy butt and go for it. He is SO proud of himself, and it’s incredible to watch. We always go crazy and clap when he makes it to his destination (or even just falls).

Teeth: One — sort of! On April Fool’s Day (seriously!), he popped a teeny white tooth (middle, bottom). It’s still only barrrrely sticking up, so I have no idea how long it will take to fully appear. Very exciting! The tooth next to it looks like it will make an appearance soon as well. It’s weird that Baby Boy hasn’t had ANY drooling (supposedly the biggest teething symptom). Maybe he’s just sucking it all down? Ew. Anyway.

Speech: He still makes sounds and yells, but late this month he actually starting saying “Da da da da.” It’s awesome! I had been a little worried, because he reaaaally wasn’t saying anything, so I was so relieved to hear it. He loves the sound of his own voice (naturally), and once he gets on a roll, he just keeps blabbering to hear himself talk. “Da da da da” is the most consistent sound, although one day he squealed “Bay-beeee!” and then French-kissed me. Um, thanks?

Baby-proofing: Darling Husband started constructed a little barricade using kitchen chairs when he’s playing with Baby Boy in the living room (the barricade keeps him out of the dining room/kitchen/hallway. Other than that, it’s basically just an HOURLY struggle to keep Baby Boy from smashing his hands on the keyboard and playing with the dials on the side. It sucks, but we have no other place to keep the computer except smack in the living room, in temptation’s way.

What he’s been eating: Three meals a day, plus cereal at bedtime (except I’ve been slack on the cereal lately, because I get tired in the evenings). New foods this month were pizza, whipped cream (shhh), buttered toast, cheesy scrambled egg yolks, Nanny’s lasagna, French toast, parsnips, turnip, muffins, orange juice, Kraft Dinner and blackberries. We also bought him a mesh feeder-bag, and he’s been enjoying a lot of “fruit popsicles” (made by stuffing frozen pureed fruit cubes inside).

How we’ve been sleeping: This last month, he’s really taken a turn for the better. The night of his nine-month birthday, he was only up for a feeding once (at 1:30 a.m.). He still had quite a few nights of getting up for feedings three times, but towards the end of the month he was sleeping for a few five-hour stretches. He went to bed at 8 p.m. and got up for the day between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Two nights ago, he actually had a solid stretch of sleep between 10:15 p.m. and 6:15 a.m. WOW!

Diapering: I mentioned last month that we started using disposable diapers at night only, and we’re still doing it. The cloth just couldn’t combat nighttime leaks, and I think the Pampers could definitely be contributing to these longer stretches of sleep. I learned an important lesson — don’t get stuck on an all-or-nothing bandwagon. Being inflexible will only make parenting harder!

Playing: We’re still going back and forth between his two “stations” in the living room — “Toy Corner” with all the loud, battery-powered stuff, and his toy basket across the room with his books, balls, and stuffed toys. His new favourite is his book about Noah and the flood (that has to be sung, not read). He is always digging it out of his book basket and holding it out for me to read sing it. Flattering, really.

Things that surprised me: How smart he is, and how he figures out how to work things. He recently got hooked on playing with the back part of his toy kitchen. It has a flap that can be pulled back and forth, and it plays either a song or just makes a giggling noise. He decided he loves the song, and will go over to it, yank the flap to one side, hear the giggle, and then yank it to the other side to start the song. Then he looks expectantly at me and I have to sing along with it, “La cuisine! It’s the kitchen! Where it’s fun to play all day! En on dit ‘Bonjour!’ Bienvenue! We’re so glad you’re here to play! Cha, cha, cha!” When the song ends, Baby Boy yanks the flap quickly over and back again — he knows the first yank will only produce the giggling noise — so the song starts again. This can go on for quite a while!

Things that have made me melt: When his face lights up in recognition. When he’s bursting with pride for himself, when he walks or talks or figures something out. When he gets cuddly. When he’s tired and tucks his head against my neck. Quiet moments spent nursing him, and knowing it won’t be happening much longer. Setting up kitchen chairs throughout the living room and pretending to chase him around them, as he squeals and throws his head back with the thrill of it all.

He’s everything to me.

So what do you think?

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