Not Me Monday: Easter edition

  • At my sister-in-law’s house for Good Friday dinner, I did not begin eating Baby Boy’s spaghetti dinner — off his tiny plastic baby spoon — once he lost interest in it. I would never be so childish hungry that I couldn’t wait for the adults to eat.
  • During Easter mass, I did not lean over and (not-so-quietly) whisper to Darling Husband, “There are a LOT of old people here, and almost no young people. What happens when all of them die, like, soon? The church needs to do something to attract young people! I should start something!” while he frantically tried to shush me. I would never be so age-ist.
  • Before Easter dinner (at my other sister-in-law’s house), I did not slip nursing pads into my bra (even though I don’t need them anymore), just so my boobs would be a little bigger. I would never be that vain.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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