When you’re too sick to blog more than random, disjointed sentences …

The sore throat never lies.
I’m sick.

Baby Boy is sick.
Or just teething.
I am too tired and sick to know the difference.
Luckily he is better today than he was yesterday.

Darling Husband is working a double again today.
He works another tomorrow.
I wish he was here to help me.

Although he brought home Pampers last night.
Yes, I caved.
But not because of sleep.
Baby Boy’s awful-awful-awful diaper rash means he needs cream.
Cream ruins cloth diapers.
I caved. Temporarily.

So far I am not liking the disposables.
They are so thin! And … flimsy-feeling!
It’s like I’m wrapping his butt in Kleenex.
I’m all “How can it possibly absorb anything?”
And yet … it does. (She reluctantly admitted).

He didn’t sleep any better in the disposable.
But he is sick. Or teething.
Maybe tonight those Pampers will earn their keep.

His cute, fluffy cloth diapers are crying from loneliness.
Disposables are ugly.
But his rash is improving, thanks to bucketloads of Sudocreme.
That’s what’s important.

I am doing the lie-on-the-carpet-and-let-the-baby-crawl-on-me routine.
It’s called “parenting when you feel like hell.”

So what do you think?

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