How do moms get skinny? Their kids steal their food.

You know what’s convenient? When your baby gets to the age where they can eat REAL PEOPLE FOOD, and you don’t have to make separate meals just for them three times a day.

We are just getting to this stage with Baby Boy, and it’s awesome. We went to my sister-in-law’s for dinner on Sunday, and STOP THE PRESSES: we didn’t need to bring baby food with us. She was having turkey dinner, so I was able to just smush up a bit of it in a bowl and feed it directly to Baby Boy. It’s like he was a person or something! Crazy!

So far this week, he’s shared my dinner with me three times — Shepherd’s Pie one night, and Chicken Parmesan (with spaghetti) twice. I just take a little portion of mine, cut it up into minuscule pieces, smush it up a bit with my fork, and let him feed himself. It’s a big whoppin’ mess, of course, but what isn’t these days?

He positively hoovered both dishes! It was so funny to watch him grab fistful after fistful. He kept finishing everything I put on his tray, so I kept giving him more from my plate. Eventually we were both done, but I was still starving!

This might just be a better diet than breastfeeding

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