I hate admitting this, but …

It might be happening.

I might be caving.


Regular readers are all VERY AWARE of Baby Boy’s atrocious sleep habits — still up three (sometimes four) times a night, and he is *gulp* almost nine months old.

Because he’s a cloth-diapered babe, I do need to change him once or twice during the night. Otherwise he wakes up in a wet sleeper — and sometimes with a puddle on the mattress. Poor soggy guy.

And so … yes … part of me is wondering if the reason he wakes up so frequently in the night — at an age where it seems ALL THE OTHER BABIES IN THE WORLD OMIGOD are sleeping through the night — is …

… the cloth diapers.

It kills me to say that. I love-love-love our cloth diapers. I just can’t quit them, to quote that movie I never did get around to seeing. But I am thinking that maybe … maybe … I need to switch to disposables only at night?

I have tried hard to make this nighttime situation work. I’ve double-stuffed them (mmm, Double Stuff Oreos). I’ve tried different kinds. They just don’t hold as much pee as disposables, according to, well, everyone on the damn internet.

Lovely bloggy crushes like Leah and Melissa also cloth-diaper, and then use disposables only at night. They admitted that cloth just doesn’t cut it overnight, and settled on a solution that worked.

I think it is my (extreme) stubbornness that is holding back. I am the one who insisted cloth-diapering was the sh-t (pardon the pun).

I am the one who had PLENTY of skepticism from the peanut gallery family members when I said I wanted to cloth-diaper.

I am the one who STILL will tell anyone who will listen how much I love our fluffy, adorable little diapers.

I walk down the baby aisle at Wal-Mart and sneak peeks at the Pampers — simultaneously scowling at the idea of paying for diapers and feeling a twinge hopeful that maybe they are the key to me getting more than two or three hours of sleep in a row.

So I hate admitting it … but yes, I sort of am. Without saying it. You know what I mean. It’s possible that I might need to make a change in the diaper department, strictly at night — you’d still have to claw those cute printed cloth diapers from my cold, dead hands during the day.

The question is, will I cave? …

Will I start using disposable diapers at night?Market Research

3 Comments on “I hate admitting this, but …

  1. We use disposables all the time, and I rarely change Baby J in the night. Maybe once every other week he'll wake up with a damp spot on his sleeper, but it's rare. I hope disposables at night means you can have longer sleeps!


  2. We use a mix of cloth and disposables, depending on the day and where we're going (although it's been pretty much all disposables lately because of a stomach bug that we all had and dealing with diarrhea on cloth when you're already dry heaving is just… no).

    Eli is a big pee-er. And a terrible sleeper. For cloth at night, I use the regular Bum Genius pockets with a full length insert PLUS two of the newborn inserts/doublers and then on the outside of the pocket, against his skin, a thin liner made of fleece because it keeps the pee away better and therefore makes a rash less likely. For what it's worth, I can't remember the last time we had a leak overnight. There is definitely a great deal of bulkiness but I just have to be aware of that when I choose pjs.

    That having been said, our guy JUST started sometimes sleeping through the night at 13 months and the only big change was moving him to his own bed (not a crib – the child hates cribs). Cloth vs. disposable make no difference to him.

    And if you are having rash issues, our guy had a horrible one once and the only cream we found that worked was something called CriticAid Clear. You get it at medical supplies stores (like Shoppers Home Care or some hospital pharmacies), not regular drug stores and it's about $12 a tube but MY SWEET LAWD, does it ever clear up a sore bum in no time flat.

    Good luck!


  3. Thanks for the advice, Lesley! I've never tried using fleece liners with our bumGenius diapers, but that's a great idea. The CriticAid Clear sounds awesome — I'll have to pick some up. The Sudocreme's been good, but I'm sure it's not the best out there. Thanks again!


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