What a sin! Day 2

I’m loving this new questionnaire that’s making the rounds in the bloggy universe. It’s called Seven Deadly Sins, and today’s sin is “Envy.” 

I’m catching up, so here is a list of seven things I’m coveting …

  1. A house! Darling Husband and I are currently trying to sell our condo, and we are dreaming of having a house of our own. I keep doodling little lists about wanting a window over the kitchen sink, and yellow flowers planted outside.
  2. A daughter. My son is my world, and I wouldn’t trade him for all the leggings in Baby Gap. But I do covet a little girl to put in dresses and Mary-Janes and hair ribbons. It’s just not Baby Boy’s style.
  3. A Sausage McMuffin. Just being honest. 
  4. My own car. A flashy SUV would be incredible. Although car-less-ness is probably why I am thinner than I’ve been in years — I can’t drive to seek out burgers, fries, and breakfast sandwiches (see Answer #3).
  5. Candace Cameron Bure’s new book, Reshaping It All. I totally love her, and think she’s an amazing wife/mother. Her book’s supposed to help you get your body in shape by thinking about food and exercise differently.
  6. A dedicated craft room. I used to have half a room. Now I just have a closet for storage — and it’s actually Baby Boy’s closet. I barely craft anymore (except scrapbooking), and I miss having a space to spread out my stuff and be messy, without having it all over the kitchen table.
  7. Straight hair. Little Sis got her hair professionally straightened a few months ago, and it looks FABULOUS. Best Friend has naturally straight (blonde — that would be #8) hair. I regularly covet their silky-straight hair, but am far too lazy busy to bother using my flatiron on a regular basis. If you are reading this, and you have straight hair, consider me incredibly jealous (and frizzy).
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