My Clingy Valentine

I don’t know if he sensed Valentine’s Day or what, but Baby Boy has entered an EXTREMELY CLINGY STAGE.

He has Mommyitis big-time. He used to be really good about sitting and playing by himself, or sitting on the floor and watching me walk around and clean up or whatever. But in the last two weeks? Yeesh!

He cries when I put him down. He will crawl away and play for, oh, a minute or two, and then whirls around and crawls back me. And climbs up my body until he is wrapped around my neck. And holds on for dear life.

It is cute for three reasons.
#1: I love feeling so loved.
#2: I love that he wants to be with me so desperately.
#3: He is freaking adorable, and who wouldn’t think that is cute?

But it is also disconcerting for three reasons.
#1: I don’t want him to grow into one of those annoyingly clingy kids.
#2: It’s getting really hard to get anything done.
#3. He is HEAVY and my arms are WEAK!

Seriously. This baby is 21-ish pounds (and on the average-to-short side), so carrying him around is like lugging a sack of potatoes on my hip. He sometimes clings like a baby monkey (the times when he reeeeally doesn’t want me to put him down). But other times I have to hold him there. For what feels like FOREVER.

Can’t type anymore.
Arms ache.

So what do you think?

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