Dizzy dizzy, in a tizzy

It’s been a rough few days. Baby Boy is getting up three or four times a night — I think it was … five? … last night. I have been cleaning like mad because TA-DA — we’re trying to sell the condo (more on that soon).

And I have been feeling … supremely dizzy. Every day.

I am probably WAY OFF on this, and it could very possibly be LOTS OF OTHER THINGS, but I am writing this for posterity …

… anyway …

It feels familiar.
Very familiar.

Um, stay tuned.

3 Comments on “Dizzy dizzy, in a tizzy

  1. I hope you haven't been going with the theory that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding, or you might be in for a surprise (though, you don't sound that surprised!) 🙂 I would guess the symptoms are a result of lack of sleep!!

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