Remember me?

Crap! A week has passed without a word from me. I really must work harder at this blogging thing. It’s amazing how little time you have for blogging, when you have this entire person needing you every second of the day.

What’s new? Well, Baby Boy had his six-month visit and everything went splendidly. He’s 19 lbs and 26 inches long. He has his two vaccinations as usual (don’t ask me what they’re for — bad stuff, like polio, I think).

We’re probably going to get him the flu shot, but the doctor recommended waiting until January. I’ve heard a lot of controversy over giving kids flu shots, but when it comes down to it, I listen to the recommendations from Health Canada, etc. — and they say to do it, so I will.

We are ridin’ dirty on the Teething Train, which is … exactly as fun as it sounds. Baby Boy’s sleep habits have been dismal. He keeps waking up crying, and kind of snotty, which is supposedly a teething symptom? I don’t know, it might be a cold. Who knows with babies? That’s part of their trickery. Poor guy.

Last night wasn’t bad, though. He slept from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. — FOUR WHOLE HOURS, PEOPLE! I nursed him and changed him, and he slept for another two. Then we were up and down for about two hours. He kept crying and snot was running down his face, and ugh. He only calmed down when I held him upright in the rocker, so it was a tiring few hours. Then he finally went back to sleep, and slept for three hours before getting up for the day. That sounds like a bleak night, but really, it’s progress.

You know those people whose babies sleep through the night? And have been doing so since they were a month old? I wish they would stop posting it on Facebook, because it just makes me want to post a comment that simply reads “Eff you.”

In cheerier news, I had three people tell me I look way thinner. Sure, those people were my mom, my sister, and my aunt, but they all said it independently. They think I’m actually a bit thinner than I was before I got pregnant, which is … exactly what I wanted! It actually came as a surprise, because I hadn’t felt or looked any thinner, in my opinion. So I decided to try on my pre-preggo jeans, and THEY ALL FIT. Every single pair. Holla!

Of course, they feel like they’re totally hanging off my ass, because I’m now used to up-to-the-real-waist jeans. But still. Very exciting development. Now I’m wondering when they started to fit, as I tried on a pair one week postpartum (and cried), and never tried them until the other day. When was that magic time when they began to fit? I’ll never know. Please pass the carrot sticks, because I like feeling thin!

God bless breastfeeding and its weight-loss properties. I suppose it somewhat makes up for the lack of sleep.

So what do you think?

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