Mommy confession …

I use my nursing bras as miniature purses. I am constantly tucking pacifiers in the handy little gap between my boobs, so that they’re always accessible when Baby Boy needs one. Sometimes my BlackBerry winds up in there, too.

Probably sounds very weird, but you know what? You don’t have POCKETS when you are practically living in yoga pants and tank tops, do you? How else* are you supposed to carry stuff with you from room to room, and you’re carrying a wriggly four-month-old?

*Before I wore nursing bras, I used to sometimes slip my BlackBerry into my undies** if I needed both hands to vacuum or something (and had no pockets).
**See, isn’t that worse than putting it in my bra?***
***You’re going to think twice before you borrow my phone now, aren’t you?

So what do you think?

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