Five activities my baby is loving right now …

Four months, 1 week, 1 day old

Five activities my baby is loving right now …

  1. Splashing me while he’s in his tub — HARD splashes that soak my clothes, the mirror, and the walls!
  2. Lying on his stomach and pretending to sleep while you say, “Ohhh, so sleepy!” and then popping up with a huge grin while you say, “Good morning!”
  3. Sitting in the (empty) bathroom sink and playing with the taps. Bonus points if I turn on the cold tap and let him play in the stream of water.
  4. Scooting himself backwards (uh, yeah, backwards only) — until he gets stuck halfway underneath the couch because of his big cloth-diapered bum.
  5. Grabbing my hair and ears as hard as he can, clinging to my neck, and squealing. Ow. But I like to imagine he’s squealing, “I love you sooo much!”

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