Attack of the STUFF

Before we had Baby Boy, I thought I would be a minimalist when it came to baby stuff. Especially the “big” baby stuff.

I was very aware of the size of our condo (small), and I did NOT want it to be overrun with brightly-coloured (read: garish) baby gyms and Jumperoos and other plastic nightmares. I was stupid and naive and thought babies couldn’t possibly need all of that stuff.

But you know what? Once you have a baby, you realize that you were WRONG.

Well, you were right about a few things — yes, it is ugly. And the colours are way too bright (and garish). Yes, it makes the rooms feel crowded sometimes. But you resign yourself to it, because you know what? STUFF HELPS!

Stuff is what keeps your baby entertained so you can desperately toast a bagel and stuff it into your exhausted jaws. Stuff is what keeps your baby sitting somewhere safe so you can fold the mountain of clean laundry … or PEE! Stuff is what makes your baby smile and play at 6 a.m. when you are legally comatose sitting next to them. Stuff saves lives!

Which is why we now have …

  • One Exersaucer in our living room
  • One Exersaucer in our dining room
  • One bouncy chair in our bedroom
  • One bouncy chair in the main bathroom
  • One Jolly Jumper in the nursery doorway
  • One Playard in the living room
  • One Bumbo chair in the living room
  • One highchair in the kitchen
Welcome to Romper Room. Population: me.

One Comment on “Attack of the STUFF

  1. I was feeling a little guilty for all the “stuff” I have registered for, but now I don't feel so bad 🙂 My niece LOVES sitting in her Bumbo and I knew I had to have it. Enjoy your lovely decorated house, mine will join the same look soon 😉

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