12 steps to sleep deprivation

He’s still rolling …
Still rolling just the one direction …
Zzzzzzzz …

Luckily, Baby Boy has decided that he actually LIKES to sleep on his stomach. Sort of. On his own terms, of course, which are …

Baby Boy’s Guide to Sleep

  1. Allow your mommy to lie you on your back
  2. Close your eyes and look sleepy
  3. Wait until she walks out of the room and gets into her bed
  4. Flip yourself over to your stomach (bonus points if you spit up in the process)
  5. Wail until she comes in to rescue you
  6. Cry uncontrollably until she strokes your hair and offers you the soother from one side, so that your head is coaxed down to the mattress and rest on one cheek
  7. Repeat step #6 a few times
  8. Settle down and sleep comfortably on your stomach, with your head turned to one side
  9. Sleep for an hour or two
  10. Wake your mommy up with more crying
  11. Make her carry you to the glider and nurse you
  12. Repeat steps #1-12 as necessary until the morning

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