N is for nap

Dear Self,

This is a reminder to never, ever, EVER underestimate the power of a nap.

Remember Sunday? Yeah, there was church. Church starts at 11:20 a.m., and because we’re prepping for his upcoming baptism, we needed to be there for 11 a.m. (leaving our place at 10:45 a.m.).

Baby Boy gets up for the day anywhere between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. By following the 2-3-4 schedule — where a baby is awake for two hours, naps, then is awake for three hours, naps, then is awake for four hours, then it’s bedtime — it means that his nap should have been happening right around the time of the homily.

The carseat does not fit in the pews. Therefore Baby Boy had to stay in our arms, and the arms of his godparents and grandparents — passed around like chips and dip — for close to two hours. That is not conducive to restful sleep. So we had a very cranky baby on our hands.

And you know what, Self? When a baby misses their morning nap, it kind of screws up your whole day. Because even if they get an afternoon nap, they are overtired and fussy and try to sleep too late into the day — which screws up their bedtime.

In conclusion, please remember to do WHATEVER YOU CAN to ensure Baby Boy naps somewhat on schedule. Please, for the love of God, let him nap!

Love, Me

P.S. Kudos on today — you knew you were going out around noon, so you made sure he napped in the morning, and timed it so he’d wake up just before you left (with just enough time to get him dressed, changed and fed). You’re learning!

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