It’s not so much fun anymore

DARLING HUSBAND: Uh, we need to discuss something.

ME: What?

DARLING HUSBAND: You know the shower?

ME: Yeah?

DARLING HUSBAND: There’s a problem in there.

ME: You mean that the drain cover keeps moving around, because you washed the screw down the drain?

DARLING HUSBAND: I did that when I took it apart to unclog YOUR HAIR!

ME: I can’t help that it’s falling out! You should feel bad for me!

DARLING HUSBAND: You really need to stop leaving clumps of hair all over the shower walls.

ME: I can’t help it! I run my fingers through it and it comes out in clumps. And … and I just … I don’t know, it gets on the walls.

DARLING HUSBAND: You need to stop doing that.

ME: I’ll keep my hair off the walls, if you scrub the shower like I’ve been begging you to do.


ME: Ha!

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