How to feel like a bad parent while on a family walk

  1. Dress your baby in a short-sleeved onesie and shorts, even though it is a brisk September day, because you are so used to it being HOT HOT HOT all the time
  2. Don’t remember to bring him a jacket
  3. … or socks or shoes
  4. … or a blanket
  5. Drive to a special walking trail next to a river
  6. Unload and set up heavy-duty jogging stroller
  7. Fasten baby into stroller
  8. Feel the cool blast of air, and realize that you, the parent, are wearing long pants and a hoodie … and, yeah, the baby is dressed for a heat wave
  9. Use your hoodie as a makeshift baby blanket to keep your little tyke warm, while you freeze in your tank top — and feel like an idiot
  10. Vow to never again forget to (A) dress your child appropriately, and (B) keep a blanket in the diaper bag

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