Hair today, gone tomorrow

Yesssssss! I’m losing my hair!

Most new moms dread this post-partum symptom, but I’ve been just WAITING for it. I have mega-thick hair to begin with — as in, hairdressers always go on and on about it, to the point where I feel like a wildebeest — so the idea of losing a little was exciting.
I figured it would happen right after I had Baby Boy, but it didn’t. A friend who had a baby a month before me said hers started falling out around the three-month-mark, and sure enough, mine has just started in the last week or so.
I am finding strands everywhere — the bathroom floor, my clothes, on Baby Boy. I’ve always had long hair and shed it here and there, but this is much more noticeable.
I’m not worried about “losing fullness and body” or getting bald spots — because seriously, I have enough hair for three people — but I am horrified about something disturbing I just read: the fallen-out hairs can sometimes act as “hair tourniquets” and get wrapped tightly around your baby’s penis! WTF???

So what do you think?

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