Five baby essentials

This post is inspired by Emily over at imperfect. She recently blogged that babies “don’t need much,” and I have to agree.

Of course, we have baby stuff coming out of our ears, but I definitely agree. You know, in theory.

Here are our five must-haves:

1. Swaddle blanket. We have two that were sewn for me by a friend (she has a serger, and I’m way jealous). They don’t have velcro or anything, but are made from stretchy fabric so you can get them really tight around Baby Boy. Love, love, love!
2. Playard. This is the exact one we have, and we love it. Baby Boy slept there for the first two and a half months of his life, right there next to my side of the bed. I loved that he was so close, I could reach over and feel his chest rising and falling — and I did that, often, because I am a Paranoid Android — but he wasn’t actually in our bed — which freaked me out beyond belief. Now Baby Boy’s sleeping in his own crib, in his own room, and the Playard has become a lovely playpen in our living room. Worth every penny, especially when I need somewhere safe to dump him so I can take my french fries out of the oven.
3. One-piece outfits. We had a summer baby — an extreme summer baby, since this was the hottest summer like, ever, around here — so the child barely wore clothes for his first two months. When he did, it couldn’t really be more than a onesie because of the crazy heat. We had a couple of these one-piece dealios, and I LOVED them. They were more “clothes-y” than a onesie, but still just as light and breezy. A must-have for summer babies!
4. Soothers. I admit that I was against them in the beginning, but once I caved, it was heaven. Life-changing! My boy likes to suck, and these puppies give my boobs a break. He’s definitely still getting tons of milk — trust me on that — and the soother just provides him with that comforting sucking-ness that he SO wants. There is a special place in my heart for the inventer of the Nuk. Bless you, good people.

5. Bouncy chairs. We bought a cheap one, and it was … cheap. Trust me, people, you get what you pay for when it comes to bouncy chairs. Luckily, lovely friend C loaned us hers, and it’s a far superior chair. It stays in the living room most of the time, and Baby Boy loves to lounge in and bat at his toys. Our shitty bouncy chair has been downgraded to my bathroom (pun intended), so we have a spot to put Baby Boy when nature calls. When a baby is too young to sit on the floor, or on a couch, or … well, anwhere! … a bouncy chair is your bestie.

So what do you think?

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