10 things I have learned about newborns

  1. They have acne, and you are not allowed to treat it.
  2. They sneeze a lot. Baby Boy always sneezes twice in a row, so he always gets a kiss (as per the rhyme my Scottish grandma used to recite when I sneezed)
  3. Wet diapers look puffy and feel firm.
  4. Pooey diapers sometimes stain through to the outside.
  5. They have surpringly exceptional head/neck control, when it comes to bobbing around for a boobie.
  6. They fart a lot — loud and wet-sounding farts.
  7. Their eyes loll around in their head sometimes, and it’s scary.
  8. Their breathing is irregular-sounding — also very scary.
  9. You love them so much that it feels like your heart will explode.
  10. They are every bit as perfect as you’d imagined.

One Comment on “10 things I have learned about newborns

  1. we had baby acne with the last one, people told me it only lasts about a week, so NOT true! he had that stuff for well over a month but no scars, his face is soft and clear now

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