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Thursday, May 6, 2010

35 weeks, 4 days pregnant
Apologies for the lack of bloggy-blogging this week, dear readers. As you know, this is my last week of work before maternity leave, and it’s been a chaotic one!
As much as this job has made me stress out and ARGHHHH sometimes, I can’t deny that it is plain WEIRD to think I won’t be there for an entire 12 months. God bless Canada and its lovely year-long maternity leave policy.
The office had a lovely little farewell lunch for me today, and presented me with a card and a basket of candy — Darling Husband thanks them kindly for their contribution to his sugar habit.
I packed up my desk. I finished my list of tasks. Tomorrow, I will finish up a few things and officially pass the reins to The Replacement.
It is definitely time to stop. My brain is mush, my cankles are colossal, and sometimes it feels like a struggle to get up from a seated position. Did I mention my brain is mush? I think I get stupider by the day, which, you know, isn’t ideal for someone in a management capacity.
So after I wrap up tomorrow, I’m left with … time! Time to clean out cupboards. Time to fold and re-fold baby clothes. Time to eat Popsicles and sit around with my puffy feet/ankles above my heart, and wonder when the eff Baby Boy plans to make his debut.
I think I will be eating a lot of Popsicles.

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