Welcome to Week 40

Sunday, May 30, 2010
39 weeks pregnant — now in Week 40!
So in case you haven’t guessed by this post, the baby did not arrive in Week 39. The baby was not eight days early (like my delusional rationale suggested he would be). I did not get to deliver during Dr. L’s Saturday shift. But there’s always today! Dr. L is working today! C’mon, baby!
OK, all pleading aside, here is the current situation:
  • Thursday: I started having a lot of pelvic pressure (and started the killer walking regime)
  • Friday: I had some pretty significant contractions and back pain (not enough that I thought it was really “time,” though), and cramps for the rest of the day
  • Yesterday: I had more cramps, more mild contractions, more back pain, and more pelvic pressure — with the occasional shooting/twinge pelvic pain
  • Today: I felt some more kinda-significant contractions this morning, and then they just faded into the more usual Braxton Hicks ones.
Oh, and I’ve also been having less blog-worthy (i.e. disgusting) symptoms for the past few days. If you’re really curious, it’s been this and this.
Ew, right? Anyway, here’s what happening with Baby Boy this week (in what we hope will be the final week before we get to meet him):
Baby’s size: Probably close to eight (or 18) pounds (as the doctor said, “This is probably not a seven-pound baby!”), measuring 21 inches. I’ve heard a lot of stories of first babies (first boy babies) being close to 10 lbs., so that wouldn’t surprise me.

Development: Fully-cooked and probably getting bored in there. Come out, come out, and Mommy will give you an educational toy!

Appearance: Adorable, I’m sure. Come out so I can see you!!!

So what do you think?

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