Weekly re-cap

(May 9 to May 15)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles and feet, leg pain, trouble sleeping, feeling like the baby is going to fall out, the worst heartburn of life!

Body changes: Nothing really seems to have changed.

Belly button: In for keeps.

Baby movement: Not much “moving,” but lots of jamming his feet/hands/knees so far out that my skin sticks out — yup, like in Alien. I swear, he must be nine pounds already!!!
What’s new? This was my first week of maternity leave. It actually seemed to last the length of two regular weeks, since I’m all, “What’s with all of this time???”

Energy level: Low. I’m staying up later, though, since stopping work. Just … not up for much walking around these days!

Baby preparations: Carseat is installed (thanks, Darling Husband). Everything else baby-related has been done for ages, so this week I’ve been addressing envelopes for the birth announcements.
Cravings: My mother-in-law’s homemade cream puffs (of which I had two servings).
High point: Being off work has allowed me to me mega-super-incredibly productive. Like really productive. I had a massive list of things I wanted to do before the baby comes — cleaning, organizing, etc. as well as weird things like “scrapbook our entire lives up to this point” — and I’m happy to report that about 95% is finished. I kind of want to give myself a gold star, or at least a positive performance review.

Low point: As odd as it sounds, my low point is sort of the same as my high point. Going on maternity leave has been a big HUGE adjustment. I felt weird without going to work, without defining my days by my career. I felt like being at home meant I had to be a maniac cleaning/organizing machine, because if I wasn’t, then I wasn’t being a productive person at all. I was also lonely here by myself. But as I get more and more uncomfortable, I’m beginning to listen to what Darling Husband has been saying all along: my job right now is to finish carrying this baby, and take care of myself.

So what do you think?

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