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Friday, May 28, 2010

38 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Did you notice that we are now in SINGLE-DIGITS, people??? As in LESS THAN 10 days to go. No, I am not entertaining the idea that this baby will be late. I am thinking positively, as in, I positively want to have this baby, like, now.

I actually thought we were onto something this morning. I had spent yesterday afternoon with Mom, walking on her treadmill for an hour and then walking through her neighbourhood for a half-hour. I was definitely feeling a lot of pelvis pressure, so I went to bed last night hoping for the best.
This morning, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and started to head to the bathroom (as usual) for the first of many pees for the day. As soon as I started to get out of bed, I had a HUGE contraction-type pain, along with major back pain. It hurt as I walked to the bathroom, and continued to hurt even after I peed.
I got back in bed and the pain slowly tapered down, but it was still present. I laid awake until Darling Husband got home from work around 5 a.m., and told him to go straight to sleep “in case this is it, and I need you later!”
I ended up dragging my semi-sore body to the couch, so I could squirm around without waking him up. I read for a while and fell back asleep, and the pain tapered off into nothing but period-type cramps. Boo!
Darling Husband went back to work shortly after noon (yes, I know, he is a trooper!), and I dragged Little Dog outside for a walk. She was surprised when I continued to walk beyond our usual stopping point. I was a woman on a mission! I walked and walked and walked all around our neighbourhood. Poor Little Dog was exhausted, but she kept on truckin’. I started to feel that pressure-y feeling again my pelvis, so it motivated me to keep going.
After about an hour, I stopped in at the in-laws’ place to visit (and drink some water … and pee). And then we did some more walking on the way home. Now that I’m back inside, there is still definitely pelvic pressure, but nothing else seems to be happening.
Perhaps I should remind the baby that Dr. L is only on duty tomorrow and Sunday, so WE NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, SOON???

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  1. Good luck to you! I had NO inclination that labour was close, even to the point that I told my mother I thought the baby would be late a mere five hours before he was born. So you never know! Maybe tonight will be the night!

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