Owwww, it burrrrrrrrns!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

36 weeks, 4 days pregnant
OMG, people!
I thought I had bad heartburn BEFORE. I had NO IDEA what Week 37 would bring. Ow ow ow!
I am chugging milk. I am eating ice cream bars (big hardship, I know). I had to start taking three heartburn pills a day, because by 2 p.m I was almost in tears from the burning pain.
I am pretty sure the baby should just COME OUT NOW, PLEASE, as I have heard that heartburn goes away immediately after giving birth.
In the meantime, I am the preggo constantly clutching at her chest/throat, and feeling like she is regurgitating bubbling green battery acid.
COME OUT ANYTIME! Mommy means it!

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