Dealing with the hand we’re dealt …

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
38 weeks, 2 days pregnant

I got some unsettling news at today’s 38-week OBGYN appointment. Remember when I did the swab to test for Group B Strep?
I got the results today, and I tested positive.

I still can’t believe it. It’s taken me hours to pull myself together enough to write this post. I hate that I have something I can’t control (and couldn’t control getting) that could hurt my baby.
I was very calm in the appointment, when Dr. L told me. I think I was calm because she was so calm. She said it wasn’t a big deal — I would just be placed on antibiotics when I arrived at the hospital in labour. Easy-peasy.
It’s best if you can get four hours of antibiotics before the baby is born, so they recommend you come in as soon as you’re in labour — none of the usual “wait until you are having so-and-so contractions at so-and-so intervals.”
Let’s focus on the one positive thing first: getting admitted as soon as I’m in labour, and not getting sent home. I know that the second I’m in labour, I will want to be in the hospital. I love hospitals (this one, at least). I love the security of knowing I’m surrounded by medical professionals, and that they will help me if anything goes wrong.
And now the negatives. There are risks to the baby, if they contract Group B Strep during delivery. I’m trying really, really hard not to think about these risks, as I’ve already spent a lot of time researching/sobbing over this keyboard.
I hate that I have tested positive, especially since I didn’t do anything wrong to get it — it’s just there. Now all we can do is scoot to the hospital and get started on the antibiotics as soon as I’m in labour, and pray that they protect our baby boy.
The rest of the appointment was fine. Just like last week, I did not get an internal exam — which was surprising, but … I guess just not necessary yet?

Dr. L had a medical student helping her out today, and I liked him very much. Cute Medical Student did my fundal height and the baby’s heartbeat, and it was his very first time doing both “on a real person.” I was honoured.
  • Pee: Fine. No protein, no sugar.
  • Weight: Up one pound. Meh.
  • Blood pressure: 120 over 78
  • Baby’s heartbeat: Loud and clear (in the 150s)
  • Baby’s position: Still head down (“waaaay down”), but NOT fully dropped
  • Fundal height: 39 cm (still measuring a week ahead!)
I didn’t get a real indication of when the baby might arrive, but Dr. L kept saying it could be “anytime.” She also said she’s on duty this Saturday (during the day) and Sunday (at night), so she hopes I have the baby then, so she’ll be there. Sounds good to me!
My next OBGYN appointment is scheduled for Tuesday, June 1 at 1 p.m. The receptionist laughed when she booked it, and said it sounded like “an appointment that won’t be kept.” Not sure if it was the “1 o’clock on the 1st” thing that sounded funny to her, or if she just figured I would definitely pop before then. Either way, YES PLEASE.

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  1. Just remember that it's great that they have these test and can prepare accordingly to protect Baby Boy as he makes his debut. I'm sure everything will be fine 🙂

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