Why pregnant women should avoid grocery stores …

Monday, April 12, 2010

32 weeks, 1 day pregnant
DARLING HUSBAND: What kind of bread do you want?
ME: Ooh! I need these!

DARLING HUSBAND: Really? You’ve never eaten a glazed doughnut, have you?
ME: Noooo, but they are probably like Krispy Kreme ones in the States. You know how I have always wanted to eat at a Krispie Kreme.
DARLING HUSBAND: OK, yeah, I guess.
ME: Ooh, the chocolate-chip cookies look good today. Nice and doughy.
DARLING HUSBAND: So the bread …?
ME: Oh, any kind of bread. And wraps, too … AUGHHH, ENGLISH MUFFINS! We need these!
DARLING HUSBAND: I should have left you at home.
ME: I just … want … everything!

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