The underwear always knows …

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

33 weeks, 2 days pregnant
It’s official: my underwear will no longer stay hiked up over my baby-belly.
My maternity underwear are kind of like yoga pants, in the way that they can be unrolled and worn up high — almost to the belly-button — or folded down and worn low on your hips.
I have always worn them yanked up, because (A) I’m cool that way, and (B) it seemed like the right thing to do, when you’re wearing maternity pants with an elastic waistband that reaches practically to your bra.
But yesterday, in the washroom at work, I pulled them up and watched — in horror — as they slid back back below the bump. I yanked them up again, and they repeated the slide-y motion.
The development continued into the evening, when my pajama pants did exactly the same thing! I had been wearing them with the waistband a couple of inches below my belly button, and then looked down to see them stealthily creeping lower, lower, lower, until they were safely under the shadow of the bump.
So now, I apparently wear stuff low-style. You know, by choice and stuff. Ahem.

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