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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

34 weeks, 3 days pregnant
Well, yesterday was quite the doctor’s appointment! Here’s a brief re-cap of the basics:
  • Pee: Fine. No protein, no sugar.
  • Weight: Down a pound from the last appointment. I’ll take it!
  • Blood pressure: 98 over 60. How low can I go?
  • Baby’s heartbeat: Loud and clear.
  • Baby’s position: Still head down (“waaaay down”)
  • Fundal height: 36 cm (so nearly two weeks ahead!)
Once we got the basics out of the way, I got the answers to most of my questions
  • When do my appointments become weekly? I go back two weeks from yesterday, for my 36-week appointment, and then they become weekly after that.
  • Can I get a referral for a pregnancy massage? Got one! Just need to book it now.
  • When do I start getting swabs and other icky internal stuff? I’ll get swabbed for GPS (Group-B-Streptococcus) at the very next appointment. One up the bum, and one up the baby-canal. Must remember to shave my legs again before then!
And then it was time for my most important question: When should I stop working?

When I was with the nurse, she asked about Friday’s hospitalization, and I filled her in on the details. She immediately said, “Are you still working? You shouldn’t be working.” I told her I was planning to work until May 14 (three weeks before my due date), but she said I should stop before then.
Then, to my huge surprise, when Dr. L walked in, she was carrying a piece of hospital stationary and said, “I have something for you!” She proceeded to write a note to my boss, right there, that said she recommended I stop working this Friday — April 30 — due to “late pregnancy complications.”
I took the note, thanked her, and then the appointment was over. But I still wasn’t sure I wanted to stop working so soon. My replacement had only started on Monday, and going off work five weeks before my due date just seemed … excessive!
Darling Husband and I discussed it a lot last night, and decided that I would talk to my boss today, give him the note, and then just play it by ear — so I did. My boss was very understanding, and said I could stop whenever I wanted.
So the current plan is that next Friday — May 7 — will be my last day of work. If I feel worse and decide to leave before then, I will. But I think that will be a good final day. It’s exactly one month before my due date, and I will hit 36 weeks that weekend.
I’m not sure why leaving five weeks before my due date sounds unreasonable, but leaving four weeks before my due date sounds OK. It’s just my logic, somehow.
Only two days left in this work-week, and then five next week.
SEVEN WORK-DAYS until maternity leave, eeeeeeeeeeek!

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