SUV envy

Monday, April 5, 2010

31 weeks, 1 day pregnant
8:30 a.m.: Oooh, I’m so glad Mom let me borrow her SUV for a couple of days, so I don’t have to ride on the stupid bus. Yayyyyy!
8:35 a.m.: Wow, I’m so high up! God, I miss our SUV.
8:36 a.m.: Mom has weird taste in CDs. There are two TV theme song discs. Where do you even buy stuff like that?
8:37 a.m.: Who cares about the music, because I’m ridin’ high in my big fancy SUV! I missed this so much! Look at all of those puny cars down there!
8:48 a.m.: Wow, I’m almost at work already — and I left so late! Maybe we should buy a second vehicle …
8:49 a.m.: WHAT THE F–K??? I turned into the parking lot at work, and the car just turned itself off! OFF!
8:50 a.m.: Was able to turn the car back on, and finish pulling into the spot. Aughhh — did I break my mom’s SUV? CRAP!
8:51 a.m.: What is it going to cost to fix this? OH MY GOD.
8:52 a.m.: Darling Husband to the rescue. Apparently trucks and SUVs sometimes shut off if you make a sharp turn. Mom’s car is fine. *Sigh of relief*
8:53 a.m.: I think this is God’s way of confirming that we should not buy a second vehicle. Yes, I am definitely taking this as a sign.

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