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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

32 weeks, 3 days pregnant
I had my 32-week OBGYN appointment yesterday, and it went well. Here’s the quickie version:
  • Pee: Fine (no sugar or protein)
  • Blood pressure: 105/56. I thought that seemed extremely low, even for me, but the nurse and Dr. L were thrilled — I guess low is much better than high, in Preggo-land? They did warn me to be careful about fainting, though.
  • Weight: Mumble-mumble.
  • Baby’s heartrate: 143 and strong
  • Fundal height: 33 centimetres (still measuring half a week ahead)
Since I didn’t get to see Dr. L at the last appointment, I made sure to pounce on her with some questions (and fears). I didn’t exactly get the answers I was hoping for, though …
  • “How’s my iron? Has it improved since I’ve been taking the pills?” No, basically, was the answer. It went DOWN! This baby is sucking the iron right out of me. I have to up the dosage to three pills a day, plus take extra Vitamin C tablets to help absorb it.
  • “Will you be delivering my baby … or might it be (gulp) Hippie Doctor?” Dr. L said the practice has 10 doctors, and they all rotate. She only does deliveries five or six days a month — which means the odds of her delivering Baby Boy are way slimmer than my chubby ankles. Boo!
  • “Lately I have been really, really, really scared of vaginal birth. But C-sections don’t scare me at all. Um, help!” Dr. L was very pleasant, but didn’t really say anything to comfort me — just that it was usually the other way around. I was kind of hoping she would suggest a planned C-section, but apparently she doesn’t buy the whole “too posh to push” thing.
  • “If I do deliver vaginally, do you think my hips will help make it easier?” Yes, I actually asked that. I am freaking out, people! And I was hoping that my curves would be an asset, for once in my curvy life. She laughed and said it was possible. Not a concrete “Yes,” but I’ll take it.

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