Weekly re-cap

(March 21 to March 27)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles, trouble getting up/rolling over

Body changes: Same old, same old … just getting bigger!

Belly button: It is so small and wrinkled (and shallow!) that I commented to Darling Husband that it looks like an old man giving you the stink eye. He agreed.

Baby movement: I felt my first definite “roll” this week — it was a huge lurch that felt like my stomach was turning over, and I went, “Ughhh, now I see how people can tell kicks from rolls!” He also “startled” when I was at the movie theatre with Darling Husband and the previews came on with a super-loud bang — I felt bad for the little guy!
What’s new? My skin has been a bit wonky this week. It gets really itchy sometime along my chin/jawline, and when I look in the mirror, sometimes it’s red and bumpy. Preggo-related? No idea. But please, God, don’t make me a pizza-face!

Energy level: Moderate. The nice weather was replaced by late-March snow (Oh, Canada!), so being bundled up again has made it harder to move around outside. Also, I’m not used to “slowing down” and taking breaks when I’m in the middle of something (like chores), because I’ve always been wired to buckle down, get it done, and then relax afterward. So I overdid it yesterday, during chores, and felt completely miserable/out of breath afterwards. Must remember to take it easier!

Baby preparations: Nursery is totally done (yes, DONE) except for one poster/photo thing that I need to get framed. Thanks to my shower, it’s also filled with all kinds of wonderful essentials (longer post about that coming today!), and we also have the travel system and ordered the glider. Whew!
Cravings: Darling Husband bought a poundcake. Mmmmm. And yup, I could have eaten it in under a minute (but didn’t … promise).
High point: My baby shower! Best Friend did a fantastic job pulling the whole thing off, and I got so many amazing things for Baby Boy. I feel really, really ready now for him, which is a great feeling.

Low point: Work was really busy and stressful this week (hence the lack of bloggy-blogging), and just getting through each day was hard (mentally, physically, etc.). On the bright side, they have posted the ad for my maternity leave replacement, so the end is near!

So what do you think?

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