Packing the hospital bag

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

29 weeks, 3 days pregnant

You know, I am a little surprised I haven’t already packed my hospital bag. It is just the kind of insanely O.C. thing I would expect from myself.
I have, however, been thinking a lot about what to bring. Here’s my current packing list:
  • Really cute kneesocks. What a good idea! I’m sure your legs get cold in those icky hospital gowns. Plus, having funky socks might make me feel a little more … human?
  • Comfy nightgowns? I have heard mixed reactions about the hospital gowns. Some people say to definitely bring your own, and others say you don’t want to ruin your own nightgowns from all the, ah, horrible bleeding. Maybe a black, stretchy nursing-style one?
  • Cozy bathrobe? Mine are all pale pink … perhaps the horrible, horrible bleeding will ruin them? Hmmm. Maybe not.
  • Maternity underwear? Yeah, I know I’ll probably be wearing those gross disposable ones (along with the ginormous giving-me-nightmares-already pads), but I’ll pack a few black pairs just in case.
  • Nursing bras. I don’t have them yet, but apparently you sleep in them, like, the whole time you’re nursing? I hope they’re comfortable.
  • Stretchy yoga pants and T-shirts. You know, in case I feel like getting dressed at some point during the hs. Maybe. And I’ll want to wear clothes for the ride home.
  • Make-up. This is a must-have, for sure. I get sickly pale very easily, and lose all colour in my cheeks and lips, so I’m going to look like hell after delivering a freaking baby. I’m packing blush, pinkish-neutral lipstick, concealer, and waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Even if I can’t move, I will get someone to dust some blush across my cheeks. I don’t want to scare Baby Boy.
  • Shampoo and conditioner. If the hospital stuff is anything like the hotel stuff, I don’t want any part of it. I thought about maybe using dry shampoo (Little Sis swears by it), but realized that my post-labour hair might be super-gross from, uh, sweating. Eek! Labour!
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant, etc. All the basics — in a small bag to keep in the bathroom. Do I get my own bathroom? Wait, do I get my own room? Must look into that!
  • Eau Thermale mister. A quick spritz feels so nice and fresh on your face.
  • Digital video camera and battery-charging cord thingy. No, I don’t want the birth recorded. But I do want video footage of Baby Boy, when he’s all new and red and wrinklesome.
  • Digital camera and battery-charger wall thingy: Photos are more easily editable than videos. But I still want to have blush on, please.
  • BlackBerry and charging cord. For texting, Facebook-updating, Tweeting, etc. I know hospitals are weird about cell phones … does that include the maternity ward, or is that just in X-ray departments and stuff? I NEED MY PHONE.
  • Laptop and charging cord. I heard some hospitals have wireless internet. Hmmm. All the better to upload baby photos to Facebook with!
  • iPod, iPod dock/charging station, earbuds. I don’t feel particularly compelled to listen to music during labour, but I might like it afterwards — to drown out hospital sounds like I try to sleep. I wonder if my hospital will have an in-room stereo with an iPod dock. Somehow I don’t think we’re that fancy.
Baby stuff:
  • Carseat and car-docking-thing. Because we want to take him home.
  • Coming-home outfit (newborn). Because he might be teeny.
  • Coming-home outfit (0-3 months). Because he might be ginormous.
  • Stretchy baby hat. Because I can’t wait to put one on him.
  • Baby blanky. Because it … might be cold in May/June?
  • Nursing pillow. Because I need the nurses to help me practice!
Random stuff:
  • Gym shorts and a T-shirt for Darling Husband. The hospital’s overview video said that “partners must wear pajamas to sleep” about fifty-million times. Seriously. I guess they get a lot of dads in boxers, wandering the halls.
  • Snacks. For Darling Husband, but I will steal these, too.
  • Sudoku puzzle books and pens. A nice quiet activity if he’s bored.
  • My pillow. I might hate the hospital pillows. I usually hate hotel pillows.
  • Gifts for doctors and nurses. I only know about this from reading about it. In a book I read, they gave expensive bottles of wine and champagne. But on a blog I read, they gave homemade bars. What’s the norm?
What do you think? What am I missing? What could I leave at home? Oh, and when do people have these totally packed — a month before your due date? Later?

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  1. I think you mostly got it covered! You definitely want some lip balm though, your lips get super dry during labor.

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