Not Me Monday: Weekend re-cap

Monday, February 22, 2010

25 weeks, 1 day pregnant
  • I did not sew and sew and sew until my back turned into a pretzel. And I certainly didn’t whine and complain about the pain that it caused me.
  • I did not live up to the preggo stereotype by eating a grapefruit, Gummi Bears and bacon — all at once, as an afternoon snack.
  • I did not require detailed over-the-phone instructions from Darling Husband in order to properly cut my grapefruit … and still make a huge pulpy mess out of it.
  • I did not microwave two cinnamon buns — one for me and one for Darling Husband — and then eat all of mine (and most of his) before he got back from walking Little Dog.
  • I did not pee my pants a bit from laughing way too hard with Mom and Little Sis. I was not totally nonchalant about it, and just mildly annoyed that I’d have to wash my maternity jeans again so soon.

So what do you think?

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