Celebrate the boy

Friday, February 19, 2010

24 weeks, 5 days pregnant
What a good idea! For the month of February, Made has teamed up with Made by Rae to bring us “Celebrate the boy” month.
As Dana from Made puts it: “To “moms of boys” out there, we’ve heard your woes! There just isn’t enough info shared amongst us about BOYS. There aren’t enough clothing ideas, enough tutorials, enough fresh ideas. Well, ladies (and little gents), we’re going to stock your Tonka Trucks full of info!”

I agree this was definitely in order. I’ve only (knowingly) been the mommy-to-be of a boy for a few weeks now — wow, seems much longer! — and I’ve been disappointed with the lack of boy items on many of the major crafty blogs. Seeing a million craft tutorials for hair ribbons and dresses can be frustrating.
I can’t wait to read back through all of their February entries and get lots of great boy ideas! Thanks, Dana and Rae!

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