Baby’s first laundry

Friday, January 29, 2010

21 weeks, 5 days preggo
This baby is still about 18 weeks away from arriving, and yet I did its first load of laundry last night. Wonders never cease, as Ma Ingalls would say.
It started because I was planning my weekend craft/sewing projects — ’cause I’m cool that way — and realized I wanted to start customizing some onesies I bought a few weeks ago. But do you know how tiny those things are? It was like dropping a couple of thongs into the washing machine. I needed to fill it up.
So I added the additional onesies and socks we were given after we announced my pregnancy (cute yellow and white ones), all of the handmade wipes, quilts, etc. until it filled the entire washer. Then I added the special baby detergent that I’d asked Darling Husband to pick up — smelled like babies, mmmmm.
When I pulled everything out of the dryer, everything was so teensy and cute, and it was actually fun to fold it all.
The good news? None of the handmade stuff fell apart (always a bonus!).
The bad news? I think the novelty of doing Little Baby’s laundry is not going to last.

So what do you think?

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