Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 10 to Jan. 16)

Symptoms: Heartburn (so intense that required getting a prescription), snoring, sinus weirdness (that wakes me up at the crack of dawn), obsessive nesting (in the form of sewing baby stuff),

Body changes: POPPING in a major way, finding it hard to bend over/roll over/lie on my back.

Energy level: Still high. I accomplished a ton of sewing projects (wipes, bibs, burp cloths), attended several more family events (when you marry into a big family, this is your destiny), started two online registries (more about that soon) and even cooked (sometimes).
Cravings: Grapes (again). Oh, and some sausage patties and hashbrowns from McDonald’s (a bribe from Darling Husband to get me to the second family gathering in 12 hours), and it was possibly the most delicious breakfast I’ve ever eaten. Yes, I love McDonald’s breakfast — judge away.

High point: Going to our third OBGYN appointment and hearing that all of our maternal serum results are great! Oh, and being called “small” was great for my self-esteem.

Low point: Slight worry when I asked about the pee test, and was told I had had trace amounts of protein in my pee during the previous visit. But I was told not to worry, and this month’s test was negative, so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Paranoid moment of the week: After I told ob OBGYN about my crazy-bad heartburn, she prescribed some mild heartburn medication and told me it was totally safe during pregnancy. Even so, I hemmed and hawed for a bit before actually taking the first pill, because I’ve been so careful not to take any drugs during this pregnancy (except for the occasional Tylenol).

P.S. Eventually, I began taking it, and it’s worked wonders. Just might be the Eighth Wonder of the Preggo World, next to giant-but-comfy maternity undies.

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