Stroller envy

Friday, January 22, 2010
20 weeks, 5 days pregnant
Never thought I would be jealous over a stroller, but that’s the way the Arrowroot biscuit crumbles, I guess.
Let me start at the beginning …
While registering last weekend, Darling Husband and I mutually chose I chose the Graco Mosaic Travel System. See, isn’t it pretty?
Here was my thought process in choosing it:
  • Graco must be safe and reliable — they are so many of them!
  • I think friend C has a Graco travel system, and likes it
  • Charcoal and light green are unisex, so it will work for Little Baby as well as all of our future kids
  • I like that the carseat and stroller will match
  • I like that we only have to buy one stroller
I was happy with my decision! Innocent! I hadn’t read a single review. I hadn’t Googled it. I just chose it because I liked the colours went with my motherly instincts!
And I continued to be fine with my decision, until one of my preggo Facebook friends just announced that she’s getting a fancy-pants carseat and stroller, and I had never heard of the brands before. Peg? Bob? What? Don’t you mean Graco?
I naively thought Graco was the be-all end-all of carseats and strollers, because they dominate the department store at which we’re registered.
Sure, I knew that there were insanely expensive options (like the Bugaboo Frog, Rebecca Eckler‘s former stroller) but we are far from rich, so I figured Graco was the “everyman’s stroller.”
But after all of this Peg/Bob information, I started second-guessing myself. I Googled. It turns out that a lot of parents hate travel systems — where you get the stroller and the carseat packaged together. They say they can be heavy, and bulky, and the wheels can be crap.
So I looked into the Pegs and Bobs. Mucho bucks! They are not as expensive as the Bugaboos, but still waaaay more than our $320 Graco travel system will cost. And that’s just for one piece — i.e. the carseat. You still need to purchase a stroller separately.
Plus, many of them are designed for off-roading and running, and I see myself as more of a stroll-down-the-sidewalk-and-through-the-mall kind of Mommy.
I decided that the Pegs and Bobs of the world were not for me, but I was still worried about my Graco decision. Was I making the right call?
And then, like a beacon of sunshine-y hope, I found it …
a glowing review of the Graco Mosaic Travel System!!!
The highlights?
  • Smaller and more compact than other travel systems
  • Easy to navigate crowded/tight spaces
  • Very light (about 20lbs) and easy to fold up
  • Contoured handles mimic more expensive brands
As long as someone doesn’t leave a comment telling me the Graco Mosaic is a baby death-trap, I’m keeping it on the registry. I can’t take any more stroller stress.

So what do you think?

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