Organizing the nursery

Thursday, January 21, 2010
20 weeks, 4 days pregnant
Now that the furniture’s been chosen (and added to the registry), I have shifted my focus to the nursery’s layout and organization. Storage basket decisions have consumed in these past few days.
Yeah, I know, that’s a bit pathetic. But c’mon, I still have 11 days until I know the baby’s sex, and can begin decor-planning. I need to do something in the meantime!

I’ve surfed the net like crazy, looking for ideas, and here’s the list I’ve come up with — and everything can be done before you decide on your decor:
  • Move out all of the non-baby stuff. Darling Husband, that means your desk is outta there!
  • Buy baskets without lids for easy access. You will need to do a lot of things one-handed once the other hand is holding the baby on the changing table.
  • Plan a logical place for everything. Store changing supplies and clothes near the changing area, store too-big clothes in a closet or another out-of-the-way spot.
  • Designate one box for special keepsakes. That way it’s easy to toss in the first booties, hospital bracelets, etc. and know that they won’t get misplaced.
  • Remember that storage is key. Babies have mega amounts of stuff. Add shelves, racks, baskets, containers, etc. You will need them!
  • Think outside the (storage) box. Baskets aren’t limited to shelves — consider how you might screw them into the wall, or attach them to brackets. Use different storage solutions, like hooks, wooden crates or tin pails (which can be painted and attached to the wall), or fabric bags.
  • Think like a baby-sitter. Sure, you’re going to know where everything is, but what about a sitter, friend or relative who’ll be watching your baby? Make cute cardstock labels for all of your baskets, so they know where to find extra crib sheets and bath supplies.
  • Plan safely. Before you get carried away with plans, ensure you’re keeping safety in mind. Don’t hang anything over the baby’s crib or changing table that could fall on them.
  • Figure out a toy solution. Whether it’s one big box, or several bins, you’ll want to have a designated spot for easy tidying-up. You may need one box in the nursery, and one in your living room (if you think you’ll be playing there, too).
  • Create the three zones. You zone for sleeping, a zone for changing, and a zone for feeding and holding the baby. This will help you decide on furniture/storage placement.
  • Set up your feeding area. This area of the nursery should have a rocker, glider or comfy chair, a side table (for a glass of water for you, a burp cloth, a book, etc.)
  • Evaluate the window treatment(s). Remember that babies sleep a lot, and you’ll want to make sure the sun is blocked out of their room. Do you need to buy a set of blinds or a black-out shade? You can always cover the blinds with pretty curtains.
  • Use the space under their crib. I plan on buying one of those plastic under-the-bed storage bins on wheels, and using it to store too-big clothes.
  • Designate a basket for diapering essentials. You probably don’t have any supplies yet, but you’ll want to find a basket that can hold a few diapers, wipes, creams, ointments, and a small toy that can be used to distract the baby when you’re changing them. You can always grab this basket and take it elsewhere, if you’re going to change them on the living room floor, a counter, etc.
  • Make the most of every corner. If you think your baby is going to have a lot of stuffed animals, consider buying one of those mesh hammocks to keep them tucked up in a corner to save valuable shelf space. It can be lowered to their height once they’re a toddler.
  • Plan a laundry system. We’re using cloth diapers and wipes, so our diaper pail will hold the dirty ones. But we still need to get a hamper for baby’s clothes, sheets and towels.
Is it wrong that I’m really, really excited to buy and label storage containers? I think it’s my Happy Place.

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  1. I hope I'm half as organized as you are when my time comes! Maybe I'll just bookmark this list for future use 😉

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