It’s getting closer …

Thursday, January 28, 2010

21 weeks, 4 days pregnant
My belly button is creeping towards the surface.
What was once a total “innie” now has every bit totally visible. It is a weird sensation to see so much of your belly button, especially when you never saw inside it before.
I’m fine with it stretching out completely, and reaching the surface. But I’m not as cool with it popping outward. I have only ever seen one “outie” in my life, and it was on the stomach of a very, very overweight family friend. It horrified me.
To make matters more frightening, my mom told me when she was pregnant, she used to tape a penny over her “popped” belly button to keep it from showing through her shirt.
Is it wrong that the idea of doing that totally freaks me out???

2 Comments on “It’s getting closer …

  1. My belly button is still an innie, but the outer ring is out. I'm trying to figure out what it's going to do…my husband did buy me some “popper stoppers” which are like bandaids for Christmas (they came in a Mommy to Be gift pack he got me, along with some great exfoliating foot cream, a sponge for cleaning anything off of clothes (spit up, deodorant, etc.) and a few other things that are very helpful. I've found mine pops out much more at night (probably after eating all day,) BUT, I wear full panel pants and that smooths it down so it doesn't show through my shirts.

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