Weekly re-cap

(Dec. 6 to Dec. 12)

Symptoms: The peeing (OH MY GOD, the peeing!), getting the linea nigra, dizziness, feeling the baby move!

Body changes: Outgrowing more clothes, starting to feel ginormous in general

Energy level: Moderate. It was a busy week/weekend, so I didn’t get much done, though.
Cravings: The ever-constant cereal with skim milk, green grapes

Could not stomach: I don’t think there was a single food aversion! Woohoo!

High point: Feeling Little Baby’s movements for the first time ever. INCREDIBLE!

Low point: An insanely painful case of heartburn on Saturday night. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest (hello, heart attack) for hours, and Tums were not helping at all. Brutal!

Paranoid moment of the week: Nothing major. Probably just feeling my skin/stomach/uterus/whatever stretching. Sometimes it’s like a growing pain, and I’m always super-aware of feeling cramps there.

Weird moment of the week: My brain is officially on hiatus. When driving myself home from a social thing on Sunday, I realized I couldn’t turn left onto a certain street. So I ended up just driving around, making a huge loop through the city until I eventually decided where I was going to go instead.
Emotional moment of the week: Feeling Little Baby’s movements. It makes it so much more real!
Best decision of the week: I would have to say it was Little Sis’s decision to get me a maternity winter coat — sooo nice to have a warm coat that buttons up all the way!

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