"I am seventeen, going on eighteen …"

Sunday, December 27
17 weeks pregnant!

Like the Sound of Music reference? It’s on TV right now. I love that movie, and that song is probably my favourite part (next to the goat-herd puppet number).
So it’s the last week of 2009, and that means we are now entering Week 18, people! That’s 18 as in almost 20 weeks, as in almost half-way!

This may sound totally obvious, but I love how each week, the number sounds more and more impressive. Reaching 16 weeks was huge, and now hitting 17 — and being in Week 18! — sounds unbelievable. Soon, I’ll be in the 20s!
Quick re-cap is necessary, since I’ve been MIA lately. Little Baby’s first (sort of) Christmas was great. I asked everyone for maternity clothes, and they totally delivered! Mom, Little Sis, Darling Husband and my in-laws all got me awesome tops, pants, dresses, leggings, tights, jeans. Yessssss!
I did a huge closet clean-out today, and yanked out everything that doesn’t fit — and won’t fit for a while — and added my new maternity stuff. Now it will be easier to get dressed in the morning, because everything in there actually fits and is comfortable. I can’t wait to wear all of it!
For someone who isn’t even born yet, the little peanut got plenty of gifts! A baby bathtub (with the coolest shower attachment) and a carrier from Best Friend and her husband, a big plush ball that makes sounds from the in-laws, and a sweet Winnie-the-Pooh hat/bootie/mitten set from Little Sis. Plus a book of bible stories I bought him/her, and the painting I made for the nursery. Whew!
I think having some actual, tangible baby items laying around the condo has kicked my butt into gear. I spent a couple of hours working on the nursery today — just clearing stuff out, mainly — and am hoping to get more done this week when I’m off.

Here’s the revised schedule:
  • Nursery cleared out, holes patched, etc. (by January 31)
  • Find out the sex of the baby (February 2)
  • Begin planning gender-specific nursery (February 3)
  • Register for baby stuff (by February 28)
  • Buy smaller desk for Darling Husband and relocate his computer to the living room (by February 28)
  • Move my laptop desk to the bedroom (by February 28)
  • Start picking up nice, used baby clothes (March 1)
  • Start working on nursery (March 1)
  • Attend baby shower (April)
  • Pick up any items we still need (by May 1)
  • Nursery finished (by May 1)
If you looked at this list, you’d guess I was due in early May instead of early June, right? Well, one thing I’ve learned about deadlines is that it’s always best to shoot for an earlier one …

So what do you think?

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