Farewell to my favourite black dress pants

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
14 weeks, 2 days pregnant
Just realized I cannot wear these pants any longer. My favourite black dress pants.
They zip in the back and are pretty high-rise, so leaving them un-zipped — and wearing the band — is just not working. They either come up too high and hurt, or slide down below the bump and risk falling off my ass.
I think I’m going to hoe out my closet this week, and pack away all of the stuff I can’t wear until *gulp* at least July or August.
At least then I don’t have to look at them anymore, and it will be easier to find the stuff I can still wear.

Good-bye, fitted dresses that don’t house my boobies anymore.
Good-bye, tight pants … most pants.
Good-bye, tops that can’t be dragged down over the bump.
Good-bye, skirts that require an actual waist.
Good-bye, entire drawer of tights and pantyhose.
This is going to be interesting … what’s going to be left???

So what do you think?

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