Baby, it’s cold outside!

Monday, December 7, 2009

14 weeks, 1 day pregnant
I have a maternity winter coat!
Not a second too late, either. I could only do up one of the three buttons on my black wool coat, which meant the lower half gaped open in a super-attractive way.
I was starting to panic, because I couldn’t find any maternity coats in any of the stores around here. Luckily, the ever-resourceful Little Sis went on Kijiji and found me this awesome black Old Navy maternity coat — and it fits! It fits!
The woman who sold her the coat said she had tons of other baby stuff that would be going up for sale — a bassinet, a bouncy chair, etc.
Darling Husband and I have not bought any baby stuff, and weren’t even going to think about it yet, but now my mind is racing. Should we buy stuff? When is a good time to start? Are we already behind?
* Deep breath *
I think our tentative plan is …
  • Find out the sex of the baby (February 2)
  • Begin planning nursery (February 3)
  • Register for baby stuff (by February 28)
  • Start picking up nice, used baby clothes (March 1)
  • Start working on nursery (March 1)
  • Have the baby shower (April-ish)
  • Pick up any items we still need (April, May)
  • Finish nursery (May 1)
Whew, that’s quite a list. In the meantime, I’m just happy to have a winter coat that BUTTONS UP! Thanks, Little Sis!

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