Scenes from yesterday …

ME: Omigod, you know what I want? … Meatlovers pizza from Pizza Hut.

ME: … Isn’t that weird? … Because I don’t really like it anymore … but you do … Wouldn’t it be good right now?
ME: … It’s literally all I can think about. If I order one, will you please-please-please go pick it up?
DARLING HUSBAND: No, you go right ahead if you want one.
ME: … I swear, I take back anything I ever said before about cravings. This is the real deal! I need Meatlovers pizza!
DARLING HUSBAND (laughing): You’re funny …
ME: I’m so serious! It’s all I can think about!
DARLING HUSBAND (goes back to watching the movie): Uh-huh … Hey, what are you doing on the computer?
ME: Just ordered one online. It will be here in 20 minutes. You have to pay while I hide because I’m still in my jammies.

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