I am 25% pregnant!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 weeks pregnant!
I love Sundays lately, because it means I make the leap into the next “week,” numbers-wise.
I have been pregnant for 10 whole weeks — eight of which I knew I was pregnant for. And really, since a pregnant is (approximately) 40 weeks, I’m officially 25% of the way there. It’s like a mini-birthday for Little Baby. Maybe I should eat a cupcake on his/her behalf? Mmmm.
Now I’m officially in Week 11, which means that — God-willing — I’ll be safely out of the first trimester in exactly three weeks: Sunday, November 29 is the start of Week 14.
I am really, really really looking forward to that day. I have not talked about my fears too much on this blog, because I don’t even like acknowledging them, but the truth is that I’ve been really scared of miscarrying.
I know it can happen so easily in the first 13 weeks, and it’s hard not to think about it. Sometimes when I start thinking about how things will be a few months down the road, I stop myself — because I don’t feel safe “thinking ahead” yet. The idea of losing Little Baby is so devastating that I can’t put it into words.
So all I can do is keep-keepin’ on — and treading carefully — and pray that I will make it out of the first trimester safely.

2 Comments on “I am 25% pregnant!

  1. Those thoughts are totally normal–I felt the same way. Just try to focus on the postive. Whenever I'd start worrying about all the things that could go wrong I would just repeat to myself, “I have EVERY reason to believe this is a healthy pregnancy. I have every reason to believe this is a healthy pregnancy…” Hope that helps, and best wishes to you on the next 29 weeks!

  2. Thanks for the advice, D. I'm trying to stay positive, but sometimes I drive myself crazy wondering what is going on in there, haha. I need an at-home ultrasound machine!

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