Good decisions

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10 weeks, 3 days pregnant
Good decisions I made for my baby (in the last 24 hours):
  • Took the stairs at work … because the elevator was broken
  • Went for a walk … to the fancy cupcake shop
  • At dinner last night with Darling Husband, Best Friend and her husband, I ordered club soda and orange juice … and did not beg waiter for a Diet Coke
  • I actually ate the carrot stick that came with my chicken wings … which I never usually do
  • I remembered to moisturize with my special preggo cream last night … which I often forget
  • Went to bed immediately after coming home … when I really wanted to stay up and play the rented PS3 game with Darling Husband, since today’s a holiday
  • Ate a bowl of super-healthy Vector with skim milk (and added Bran Buds, ’cause, you know) and sliced a banana onto it … when all I really wanted was Frosted Flakes … and because Darling Husband is probably going to make bacon when he wakes up 🙂

So what do you think?

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