Checking in on Christmas goals

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

12 weeks, 3 days pregnant
I can’t believe Christmas is one month away. One MONTH. Where did the freaking time go?
Remember those ambitious Christmas goals I made back in September? Yeah, me neither. The next time I blog about a list of goals, I really should remember to re-read the post, or set reminders on my BlackBerry or something.
  • Have all shopping finished by November 23. We have bought everything except for one of my mom’s gifts, and I still have some homemade things to finish. Basically done.
  • Have the tree up/condo decorated by November 29. Did it on November 21.
  • Have all hand-made cards finished by November 30. Made some, but cheated and bought a box. Hey, I’m pregnant! That’s allowed.
  • Have all cards written and mailed by December 7. Must get going on that.
  • Have all wrapping finished by December 14. Everything that’s bought is wrapped, so this is 95% done.
  • Have all presents sorted and labeled by December 21.Must remember to do this!
The crunch is on! Are you guys ready for Christmas, or are you getting the one-month-away jitters, too?

2 Comments on “Checking in on Christmas goals

  1. Yes, it's amazing how it crept up this year — or maybe it does every year. I wrote my merry little list of goals back in September and then forgot all about them!

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