Weekly re-cap

(Oct. 12 to Oct. 18)

Symptoms: Nauseous (but still not throwing up)

Body changes: Very bloated. Boobs larger and still sore.

Cravings: SMOOTHIES. I existed on them this week!

Loved chowing down on: Smoothies, Rice Krispie treats (or “breakfast bars,” as Mom calls them to make them an acceptable breakfast food)

Could not stomach: Chicken. Macaroni. Vegetables. Anything except smoothies, pretty much.

High point: My wonderful, sweet Darling Husband taking over the cleaning and cooking duties — while I sat on the couch, looking pea-green.

Low point: Trying to make it through the days at work, cramming crackers into my mouth whenever I’m alone in my office.

Paranoid moment of the week: It’s been my least paranoid week so far (woot!), but I did express concern when Lovely Mom served me a dunk-dunk egg over Thanksgiving weekend. What is a dunk-dunk egg? I’m not sure of the technical term — egg with runny yolk, named for its ability to be dipped into by toast fingers. Anyway, I was not sure if that counted as “safe” since I know they stressed well-cooked eggs. Still not sure, actually. Chose not to eat it.

Weird moment of the week: Realizing my jeans still do fit — and I’m still too small for the new stretchy band to have any affect — but they are just uncomfortable. So I don’t wear them. I miss my jeans, but really can’t argue with yoga pants. They are made for pregnant women! … or, you know, yoga people.

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